Friday, May 05, 2006

Clarke gone, Straw demoted, Prescott sidelined, now we have an idiot

OK, it looks like we may need to find a new kicking boy. Even the
pratt of an odious turd has been "demoted".

So, new target. John Reid. Friend of an utter bastard. We also know that the man's an idiot who is prone to abuses of power. Burkesworks is wondering what we should call his google bomb, Attack Poodle and Patronising Bastard are unlikely to get too high. Any other idea?

So, scratching the surface. Does anyone know what the new controller of the all-consuming monster thinks about ID cards & NIR?

Prescott seems to have a job for life? Keep the job, the salary, the title, just don't actually be in charge of anything? WTF?

Anyone care to suggest what I should put in as a banner now? Irrelevent after less than 24 hours.

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