Saturday, May 20, 2006

Iran, Canada, anti-semitism and damn lies

I don't think there's any doubt that the Government in Iran has a few anti-semitic tendencies. Unfortunately, because we know this, sometimes people who should know better fall for complete bull and swallow it whole. It's not just Chris though, it's also, um, the Prime Minister of Canada.

Iain Weaver has a good selection of links debunking the story. Iran isn't a nice place, the election process is flawed, the Govt plays to the gallery to acheive popular support, and dissenters are subject to serious legal controls. Unlike in Britain, those controls include being killed.

But when the press spreads lies and half truths, it cheapens the debate.
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chris said...

OK, I messed up on that one. But in my defence I was certainly not the only one as it got people from Harry's Place on the 'left', to Melanie Phillips on the 'right', to the PM of Canada etc.

MatGB said...

Oh, I know, it got everywhere fairly quickly, which I think goes to show how easy the whole "demonise then attack" strategy can work.

It's somehting I'll keep an eye on, because war with Iran would be incredibly stupid right now.

Bag said...

Where you say 'unlike in Britain'. What part were you referring to? It isn't obvious to me.

MatGB said...

'tisn't meant to be taken too seriously. In Britain, the Govt plays to the gallery, dissenters are given criminal records and we have a very flawed electoral system.

Iran, of course, is much worse in all respects. That the Iranians aren't in a good position doesn't excuse our Govt from it's attacks on our liberties though.