Thursday, March 30, 2006

Charles Clarke: Lying, bullying slug

I agree with Tim, it's time to Google Bomb the slug. Why?

My father and I are looking forward to meeting Mr Clarke in the ten minutes the Home Secretary has allocated us next week, to discuss the matter of a public inquiry into the 7 July bombings, something that I and many other survivors are still seeking.
Of all the NuLab Cabinet, this one is the one that gets to me the most. There's just something about him. Oh, I know what it is. He's Charles Clarke.

Analysis of Israeli electoral system is in draft stages. It'll hopefully be up tomorrow, short version: their system of voting is possibly worse than ours


Longrider said...

Which Google Bomb do you want to use? Rancorous thug, sweaty baboon, or slug?

I've been quietly using rancorous thug.

MatGB said...

I'm going for Slug, sweaty baboon is already at the top.

Haven't tried rancorous thug. Yet.