Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jack Straw: Pratt

Curious Hamster:
Jack Straw really is an odious turd. Still, it's best to get even, not angry. And it's relatively easy in this case.

Where were all the pro-Condi demonstrators, Jack? I didn't see a single one on the news. If they had asked me... well, I doubt very much I could have done better. There are just so many more people who don't like what she stands for.

Check the headlines Jack
He's right. Jack really is an odious turd.
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Biodun said...

and I'm not ashamed to say it!

I would have been up there in Blackburn if I'd known well enough in advance that she'd be there, and I could have gotten a bus-load of Pro-Condi demonstrators too.

I did not support the war in Iraq, I also think the US's reasons were dubious and at best made on some gross mis-calculations.

That aside, I cannot fault her character. She is charming, professional, articulate, highly intelligent (can you say any of this for GWB?).

She is a poster-child for every black person who cannot run, dance or sing and has been told that there's no other way to achieve the highest ranks in their career.

She also has a gap in her teeth, What's not to like?


p.s My endorsement of Condi for 2008 is not an endorsement of the Reupublican party. I would be quite happy if she stood as an independent :-)

MatGB said...

See, when I put on my non-partizan analysts hat, I suspect she's the best bet for 'first female' and 'first black' President. Although I suspect she'll get VP nomination for whoever is main candidate.

She's undoubtedly smart and capable. Unfortunately, prone to being used, especially over Katrina. Disagree with her fundamentally on issues, but at least I know that already.

Katy Newton said...

Apparently Jack Straw took the bed on their jet and made her sleep on the floor. I don't know if that's true or not, but if it is he wants a slap.

Katy Newton said...

(it's not that I like her politics, more that none of the blokes I know would dream of taking the bed and leaving the girl to sleep on the floor)

MatGB said...

I tend to make decisions based on circumstance; sometimes my back is bad, etc, but normally?

What happened to gender equality and making the right decision at the time? Or, alternately, sleep in the same bed; not something a politician could likely get away with, especially if small, but I've no problem with sharing a bed with someone I'm not sleeping with.

Katy Newton said...

I know, I know. Horribly sexist of me. But just as most of the blokes I know would always offer to walk me to the station or let me get the first taxi that pulled up, they'd also offer me first dibs on the bed.

Love the idea of Condi and Jack Straw in bed together, though, for some reason it reminds me of Bert and Ernie, even if they did have twin beds.

MatGB said...

If this were on LiveJournal I'd have hit that one with a metaquote. Don't do that to me when I'm pouring a drink!

But the 'walk to station/first taxi' thing is just rational; a bloke is more likely to get attacked, but the severity of attack is likely to be much lower, ergo you get to go home safe first.

But bed or floor isn't a safety thing, so health/whatever takes consideration as well.

Katy Newton said...

The bottom line is that in any situation in which there are two people and one bed, I want the bed and am prepared to use any argument, no matter how ideologically unsound, to get it. (Unless it is someone who I know well enough to share a bed with, platonically or otherwise.)