Monday, May 08, 2006

UKIP hypocrisy - Knapman is a fool

Right, I've established that I'd rather reform Europe than abolish/leave it. I've also established that I've got more time for those who honestly disagree with me on this than the vacillating types who play the nationalist card but have no intention of leaving.

So, in theory, I respect UKIP, because they're honest in their policies and positions, right? Hmm, lets see, policy:
UKIP, which has warned that enlarging the EU to incorporate east European states would lead to a “flood of migrants” that would be “bad for Britain”.

Its 2005 manifesto said the rate of immigration had to be stemmed because “the numbers of those permitted to enter legally has been rising sharply as a result of both the eastern expansion of the EU and deliberate government policy. The Labour government’s untenable excuse is that we need large numbers of immigrant workers”.
Sounds like a fair position. I disagree with it, but it's an honest assesment. You disagree with enlargement and disagree with allowing East Europeans to work here freely. Carl Bildt:
Enlargement has been an enormous and immediate benefit also to the old member states
(facts and figures on that one - the Indy online archive is crap).

Enlargement has been good for the economy. Wait, I've found someone who agrees with this, his son has set up a business to profit from it, and he himself is employing Polish builders to renovate his property:
The company run by Mr Knapman's son claims that the imported labour costs up to 50 per cent less than British workers would. Mr Knapman, speaking to an undercover reporter from The Sunday Times, praised the men as "they work so much harder".
That's right, Roger Knapman, who objected to free movement of people and the enlargement, and wishes to remove these priviledges, is now taking advantage of it himself.

Wonderful. I respect honest anti-Europeans. Not sure if I can summon any more tolerance for Knapman, his hypocrisy and his cheap stunts.

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