Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Passports, ID cards, NIR - A call to arms

Bastards. I believe, given that the deputy to the sweaty baboon has answered in Parliament that we can renew at any time, that they'd have a hard job of changing the rules now. So the plan to renew next year proceeds apace.

I went to the pub this evening, met up with Chris and also the local No2ID organiser. Get involved. Even if it's just to give up a morning leafletting instead of shopping. If you can't see a local organiser? Any reason why you couldn't get together with friends and become one? This needs to be a campaign on two fronts, one is civil disobediance; renew your passport early, don't register, refuse to register, get fined, refuse to pay, get headlines and the rest.

The second is electoral. I repeat the earlier statement; at the next General Election, ask every candidate:

Will you vote to abolish the National Identity Register

If they don't promise to do so, make sure they're not elected.

Between now and then? Councils across the country have passed resolutions on the issue. Local elections are coming up in much of the country. Make it an issue. Some people (and I'm one of them) have a bit of a problem with national issues effecting local campaigns. But this really does affect everything.

Big picture? I repeat my call. At the next General election, we'll need to ensure we have a strong tactical voting campaign against any candidates that refuse to repeal this Act. Other issues, such as Leg/Reg, etc also matter. But this one, to me, is the big one.

We have to get them out.

In the meantime?

Labour members!

There's still much, much talk of a 'coronation'. The Labour party has a strong tradition as a democratic party. I've voted Labour in the past FFS. Don't let the give Brown a coronation; make sure there's a leadership campaign, make NIR an issue.

We cannot (and will not) submit to a database state. To arms my friends, to arms.


BondWoman said...

I think the important sport of passport washing will become central to civilised practices in the next few months and years. Leave your passport "accidentally" in your trouser pocket and wash you trousers. Then they'll *have* to renew it!

PaulJ said...

My dog's going to eat mine.

MatGB said...

Hmm. Buying a dog to eat the passport...

I think mine's on a plane somewhere.