Friday, May 05, 2006

Labour boredom, reshuffle due, Clarke must go

Bored now. Reshuffle fever is taking, Labour's losing but no meltdown as yet, and unlike last year I've got to work tomorrow. BNP making gains, but not taking power anywhere.

In the meantime, Garry has a nice post on why Charles Clarke is absolutely useless. Specifically, 160 cases where the sentencing judge recommended deportation after sentence where no hearing was held. The judge of the case recommended the convict be removed, and Clarke's home office didn't bother to do its job.

Blair is rejecting calls to abolish the Home Office, break it up or similar, yet it's obvious the entire department is a completely ungovernable mess. When I was studying Govt at Exeter, we went through all the Departments. Most of them were easy. Health did Health, Foreign and Commonwealth, Education, etc. Home Office? Everything no one else wanted. Badly.

Sort the mess out you tired fool. Still, voting is over, so thanks to James for the new one.
Charles Clarke Must Go

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