Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stuff: Clarke, classifications, voting, links

Guess what? Busy again*

K, interesting stuff online last few days... Guy at Samizdata has an interesting take on what to do with the Home Office. It's not quite "abolish" it, more like "get rid of virtually all its functions". It is far too big to manage. Not excusing Clarke any, he should still go, but the HO itself is a problem. Not sure I'd go as far as Guy, but still.

Iain Weaver at The Snow in Summer is discussing the Birmingham elections this week, and also has a nice breakdown of the West Midlands districts with voting recommendations (assuming you do want Labour out and don't want Blair to claim a smug victory Friday morning). Simon also provides us with a nice colour coded map. Me, I'm in Devon, we have no elections.

Most interesting though, my nomination to Tim's Britblog Roundup this week was this post by Phil at Actually Existing, in which he breaks down different political ideologies and outlooks to give a good little set of categories. Needs a little work, but better than many others I've seen. I'm planning on making it into a tick boxes copy/paste meme but that needs a little time; if anyone has any ideas for images to represent the 16 results then please suggest, also tell me which one the hammer & sickle should be given to?

Goes without saying of course that I agree with Chris on his desire to end the old left/right laziness, right? But to finish it all off, Rob has made it all more complicated by adding more axes. Ah well.

*I work in the tourist industry, specifically, pre-arrival planning - my boss was on Sundays Politics Show talking about my workload and child protection. I'm busiest about 6 weeks before people arrive. They start arriving in mid June (6 weeks time). My deputy is ill. I'm swamped and knackered. Light blogging or occasionally frustrated expletives are likely next few weeks, but hey, it's all fun, right? I may mange to finish the templates on the new site at some point, but in the meantime...

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