Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ruth Kelly, Opus Dei and equality

Hmm, I am wondering if hell has frozen over (Mat, you're an atheist, hell doesn't exist - ed). Why? Well, one of the tabloids in my newsagent today had a headline that really wound me up. Then, I read around a bit. Something is very wrong. I agree completely with Tim and disagree entirely with Steve. At least, on the whole "Catholics in high office" thing. I'll agree with him about her being simply rubbish. It's ok though, as Dave agrees (is it me or has his output soared since he moved location? Good thing, of course, but still).

Ruth Kelly may be absolutely useless, she may be a member of a lunatic fringe movement within Catholicism. You know what? I care not. All that matters is whether she can do the job (which includes equality and gay rights) effectively. On that, I suspect she can't, but to condemn her completely on the grounds of her religious beliefs?

This atheist believes in freedom of religion (and also freedom from religion, I'd get rid of state faith schools if I could), which means that you are free to delude yourself into believing that the moon is made of cheese, we're all descended from aliens or even, if you want real insanity, that some bloke nailed to some planks 2000 years ago was really an aspect of divinity who died to absolve you of your sins. Seriously, go ahead.

Don't let it affect your job, we're good. Hound Kelly out of office if'n y'all want, but not for her faith. Get rid of her because she's bought into the centralist agenda in which the ODPM tries to destroy local democracy. Some of the stuff in here is scary.

She may want to fix that. Odds, anyone?


Katy Newton said...

Agreed. Let's see how she does the job. Badly, I'm sure, but let's see.

D'you think she wears one of those spiky metal bracelet things on her thigh? Ewww.

MatGB said...

Actually, I have some friends that would consider joing the loons just to get one of those; not my sort of thing at all, but still.

She's never done anything to impress me, but y'never know. Still, she's out of education, which is a relief, although that means another "new broom" messing schools up.