Tuesday, April 25, 2006

RIP Peter Law and Google referrals

Firstly, while not unexpected, still a loss. Tributes from Peter Black, Bob Piper and others are already online, one of the more interesting results in 2005, here's hoping he's replaced with another strong local politician, in both his roles.

However, on a more cheerful note, the best Google search that landed here today? Charles Clarke Incompetent. For the person in question, if you read this, you want to be using the 'news' or 'blogsearch' functions to find stuff on his most recent cock-up.

But then again, he is the internet kicking boy of choice at the moment. Hopefully, this could force him out. Anyone care to lay odds?


chris said...

just read he has offered his resignation. I don't think that Blair will be able not to take it.

The Dark One said...

Deportation Island: New Reality TV Show in the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Tony Blair announced today his cabinet would be launching a new reality television show. The reality TV show entitled “Deportation Island” will mark the Prime Minister’s directorial debut and represents a direct public relations offensive to combat sliding approval ratings. A poll conducted by The Telegraph places the Prime Minister’s personal approval rating at just 36%.

Executive producers of “Deportation Island” include Home Secretary Charles Clarke and Lord Levy. Clarke was asked to become executive director following his extensive experience handling deportation issues. Only yesterday Clarke admitted that 1,023 foreign prisoners had been freed without being considered for deportation.

“Deportation Island” will be an unscripted quest series that will feature teams of foreign and British convicted criminals who will be provided with a series tasks, aimed at getting them deported from the United Kingdom.
For more on Deportation Island and the Clarke fiasco click on link provided or visit www.darkmatterpolitics.com