Sunday, May 14, 2006

Admin: new Linklog and Britblog Roundup # 65

OK, Mr Tim has his weekly roundup of the best of British up. In addition, I've been playing (again), and have added a linklog to the left sidebar, powered by, here's the RSS feed and LJ syndication. It means I'll be cutting back on the very short "go here" posts a little, but can link to stuff that I don't necessarily want to blog about.

All in all, very easy to set up (although I need to tweak the styling) and another good reason to use Firefox to read the internet, the plug ins for are very good.
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draxar said...

I'm curious, it the cutting off of posts when got by RSS a blogger thing, or something you've set up to make people come and see everything on the web page?

MatGB said...

Both; most RSS generators (including LJ, although it's a hidden panel option) allow the release of a full or partial feed.

I personally prefer partial feeds (don't need to load something I don't want to read witht he dial-up), and people that want to read the site come here and read/comment/etc.

The point, to me, of blogging, is partially the conversation. The partial feed means you get to see the basis of the post (I'm trying to improve the summary recently) but only click the link if you want to read it.

Whenever I have a choice, I always sydicated partial feeds, and prefer it when that's what's issued. That and I'm a stats whore at heart.

Also, when we move to voting taktix, I'll be paying for the bandwidth; feeds eat lots of bandwidth.

Katy Newton said...

I go for partial feeds because otherwise people don't click on the site and it doesn't show up on your webcounter. I like counting visitors.

MatGB said...

Which is of course why your most recent post turned up in full in the feedreader? ;-)