Thursday, May 18, 2006

In Our Time - John Stuart Mill

BBC - Radio 4 In Our Time - Home Page

Is on now Was on at the time of posting The MP3 is downloadable from the above link, and is very worth it. I listed to it this morning. How can you not like the writer of On Liberty and On Socialism?

Thanks to Chris for the latter link, didn't know that, like the guy even more than I always did now. Liberal and socialist? A believer in markets and equal rights?

I'll do a Great Britons post on him when I've time, in the meantime, turn the radio on, or download the MP3.


Katy Newton said...

OT, but I would really like to see the old Not Little England flag back, you know, the wavy one.

MatGB said...

Hmm. I never did finish the proper design, and I did like it as well.

I've got one with no text at all. I could use it as a header divider. That's not a bad plan.

Most annoying bit? The three column template on the other site works fine in IE. It's basically your current template with another column, looks good. Yet if I change the colours, it stops working...

Katy Newton said...

I sympathise, or would do if I wasn't such an HTML moron. I just take what Blogger gives me. With gratitude. If it wasn't for Blogger I would be writing my posts on Post-Its in longhand and sticking them to other people's computer screens.

Raw Carrot said...

There was also a 30minute show on earlier in the week - and should be available via the Listen Again facility: called "John Stuart Mill" I believe.