Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cameron's 'A' list - whither party democracy?

Dave? I think that you might have a bit of a problem here Dave. In fact, I think you may have completely fucked up. Not just because she seems to be, as the Labourites say, a "shameless opportunist" who may be racist. But also because, well, she's a bit dim.
With an increasing number of immigrants and asylum seekers,' she told one newspaper, 'then the pot is reduced for the rest of us.'
Um, does anyone want to explain to your new Conservative candidate something about how economics works? How growth can be prompted by immigration? How economics isn't a zero-sum game, and economic growth means the "pot" keeps getting bigger?

In addition, can someone with Tory leanings explain their candidate selection process? How, exactly, can Cameron create a list of favored people and promise them safe seats? How can he enforce that on local associations? Is the Tory party really that undemocratic and centralist? Political Hack:
A word of warning to Dishy Dave and his Notting Hill set. While he's slavishly following the Blair playbook - even to the point of posing today with a collection of new Tory councillors (Cameron's Coven, anyone?) - he needs to be aware of the problems that the imposition of the 'chosen ones' can have on local constituency parties. Labour have been doing it for a while, with distinctly mixed results. Blaenau Gwent is just the most high-profile example of this policy.
To me, candidate selection is a fairly straightforward process. All those interested in running for a constituency apply to the local executive, who prepare a list and put it to the membership to vote on. Hopefully there's a hustings and campaign of sorts. That, to me, makes complete sense. How do the Tories do it, and how is this 'A' list going to work?

Regardless, if oyu have any say whatsoever in your local Conservative Association, I'd avoid Ms Hutchings if I were you, she doesn't look to be particularly bright or able from the quotes I've seen. Not, fortunately, my call.

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