Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google Search results - oops?

Um, is this good? Is being top (at time of typing) result in Google and AOL for prescott winterton, top 5 for winterton prescott and 6th for john prescott shags rosie winterton a good thing? Look at all those naughty people Googling for more info. Unusually, each of those is a separate, unique person (usually a search showing up more than once is someone coming back). They're from all over the place, including Spain, Australia and Washington DC. They're all from today (Monday 1st May) as well.

Um, in case it comes up, anyone know a libel lawyer that can confirm my post (below) is ok? Pretty sure it's fine but, well, y'know.

I remain of the opinion that Prescott can sleep with who he likes as long as it doesn't affect his (in)ability to do the job, same applies for her, a politicians private life is just that (even if they've in the past been a moralising bastard really). It's the fact that Prescott's crap that makes me dislike him. But Clarke's worse. Clarke's much worse.

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Anonymous said...

Is it a private affair though when, in contrast to Blunkett and Fortier/Quinn, it was a relationship at work between boss and minion, with the boss making all the advances (arguably sexual harrassment)?