Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Resignations, Heckling and Affairs. And all in one day!

I doubt I'm far wrong in saying that this will go down in history as one of Labour's worst days ever.

So let's get this straight; two of them are incompetent, and Prescott is just stupid. I am amazed that Clarke has not already resigned, I would be quite surprised if he doesn't go at some point over the next few days. We'll have to wait and see, but I think that mounting pressure will probably be too much.

Hewitt's decline seems to be a slower one, dying bit by bit at each conference she attends. Her treatment today at a conference for the Royal College of Nursing, out of the ordinary as it was, probably wont be the last time she has to listen to it. From the clips I've seen on TV this evening though, Hewitt came across as nothing but annoying and patronising, completely unwilling to listen to any of the criticisms levelled at her. Thick skin might be a good political trait, but there comes a point where even Patricia Hewitt must realise that with so many people seriously opposed to her views on the NHS, it might be time to admit the system is in chaos.

And then there's Prezza. Now personally, I don't care whether he's had an affair or not, and I doubt it's effected his ability to do his job or anything like that. I also don't care whether he ferried his secretary around in his car - it's just not that important as far as I'm concerned. However, considering that Prescott has been anti Tory sleaze for the last decade or so, admitting to an affair doesn't look too good. Whilst some have suggested it might be a good time to bury the bad news, in my opinion it has only added to the pressure on the Labour party at the worst possible time. In eight days a sizeable portion of the country goes to the polls for the local elections, and there's no way that today's events are not going to have an effect on that.

And of course, it is just another day in the life of the slow steady decline of the Labour Party, eerily reminiscent of the Tories before 1997. It's hard to believe that it wasn't quite a year ago that Labour won an historic third term with a pretty safe majority and a reform agenda for the next five years. That looks to be in tatters now, with the party pretty much set to limp home: the local elections surely to be the first indicator of this.

We will wait and see. However, there is one question that has arisen today which will surely plague British politics for longer than any other. Why would anyone want to sleep with John Prescott?


Devil's Kitchen said...

I don't care whether he's had an affair or not, and I doubt it's effected his ability to do his job or anything like that.

Yup: he still can't do it...


PaulJ said...

It's true.

I would like to apologise for suggesting that John Prescott was ever capable of doing his job. I would resign for my mistake, but that doesn't seem to be in vouge at the minute...

Bob Piper said...

..."Why would anyone want to sleep with John Prescott?"

Power, as I am sure you are aware, is an aphrodisiac. However, why anyone would choose to have an affair with an ugly slug like John Hemming, without even the trappings of power, now THAT is a real question.

chris said...

I would hope the outcome will be two resignations, and one pair of glasses.

The glasses might arrive, but the resignations are less likely. Permanent resignations rather than the normal a months holiday from ministerial duties before being reinstated somewhere else very very unlikely.

Tommy said...

..."Why would anyone want to sleep with John Prescott?"

Err he threatened to break her white stick and kick her dog?

MatGB said...

DK, you're absolutely correct, I'm trying to remember a policy that JP has managed to implement succesfully.

Considering that I actually agreed in principle with a lot of his ideas and policies pre-'97, it really annoys me how bad he's actually been. Ah well.

Bob? Isn't Hemming a multi-millionnaire or something? He's from around your way isn't he?

Biodun said...

Why would anyone want to sleep with John Prescott?

You boys have SO MUCH TO LEARN!
All you need to do is pay a woman enough attention.

Let her think she's the most gorgeous creature in the world.

As long as you're not a complete loser, it's only a matter of time...