Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Chomsky is the modern Orwell

Just because I know a few readers are fans of one, the other or both. Nosemonkey started a discussion on a Guardian article on Chomsky, discussion starts, Orwell gets mentioned:
Chomsky reminds me a lot of Orwell
Then Jamie at Blood and Treasure decides a discussion of Orwell is needed as well. Oh, and Phil of Actually Existing has another blog, Apparently, that he's put some more up on.

That's it, light blogging for me today, some personal stuff going on. One observation, now I've got the statcounter installed (thanks for the suggestion Nosemonkey), for my fellow bloggers? Tags. Use em. Oh, and interesting post titles, some of Paul's are getting some pretty good referrals. I'm doing this for the fun of it, so watching the referrals is just geeky amusement in and of itself. Of course, the cathartic ranting can be good at times.


Anonymous said...

For the benefit of a thicko like me - what are tags and how do you use them?

MatGB said...

The Technorati thins at the bottom of each post. You need a set of links at the bottom (or in fact anywhere in it if oyu want), each of which needs to have rel="tag" within the anchor at the front (normally after the url of the site).

TBH, I'm using the xblogthis thing in my firefox toolbar. which put them in for me anyway, 'tis great.

If you click one of them, there's a technorati FAQ entry on them somewhere. I wouldn't have used them at all until I put the thing in, then started getting hits from them.