Thursday, December 01, 2005

XBlogThis! & Blogger categories

Trawling around a few new blogs, I find This is Not My Country, a greece based blog that looks interesting. However, that's not the point, to the left I noted a list of categories, leading me here which has a good explanation of how it works and then onto here which gives a nice little blog this applet that automatically inserts technorati tags, an essential for the previous post to work. Hmm, to edit the entire history of posts or not?
This will pop up a frame where you can specify an author, technorati tags (as a comma-delimited list), and whether to quote with quotation marks or >blockquote< tags.
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Ken Dyck said...

Thanks for mentioning the XBlogThis! bookmarklet. I hope you're finding it useful. Feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you have for improving it.

MatGB said...

No, thank you fo making it. I'll likely fiddle around with it a bit myself, I prefer the blogger window a little bigger, but so far it's been very useful, plus the auto insert of tags means I'm more likely to use them, which is getting me more hits, which is good.