Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Quickie: strange stuff disagrees with me on Europe

This is what I get for not clicking on the profiles of everyone that posts comments here. Random chance, was looking at one of my older posts and saw some comments from 'Chris', so I click his profile. Torquay it says. That's where I live. There's another political blogger in this little backwater. I look at his front page, he's coherent and argues his cases with research and examples. I think I disagree with him on virtually everything except books (I prefer Pattern Recognition to Neuromancer if we're talking Gibson), but he has but up a nice riposte to my and Paul's posts on Demos a few posts down. I'll try to write up a decent reply to him, and finish of my response to Martin's article (Martin, never meant that to be the only post on your list, just the first). Oh, and reply to some of Ken's comments; incidentally, have now, finally, added Ken to the blogroll, apologies for not doing so sooner Ken, especially given the contributions you've made here, thought out comments that I disagree with fundamentally are always welcome. I'll be reorganisng the blogroll when I've got time, it's got a bit big and clunky; I need a 'friends and allies' and a 'favoured enemies' section at the top.

In the meantime, I have another post to write on the story of the day, then I need to sleep, my downstairs neighbour had a party last night, and I got about 3 hours sleep, eyes not staying open. Chris? Where's your local, might as well meet for a drink...

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chris said...

I am a eurosceptic, but try to remain sceptical in the way a scientist is sceptical always looking for evidence that will falsify my hypothesis.

I guess you would call Kents Tavern in Wellswood my local, since I live about haftway between that and the bars of the harbour. I would not mind contributing to a Torbay Blog at all. I shall be looking forward to your response.