Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tim Worstall: Christmas Charity Appeal.

Ti'ms got a great idea, so I'm linking both to plug it and to remind me to follow his links in when I sign up myself. Tim Worstall: Christmas Charity Appeal.:

We’re actually going to take money from that nice Mr. Google and then send it on to places where it will help.
I've always meant to install ads at some point, partially because, well, money=good but also because it might help defray some of the costs of those premium services certain blog-whatever providers give out. But if by doing so we give a good cause some money as well, then I definately approve.

So, adsense it is, however, I'm not as keen on the Firefox promotion Google is running; Mr Weaver continues hos ongoing hatred of all things Google with an analysis of it. So, not as keen on the toolbarred version of Firefox, but adsense definately makes sense.

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