Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What else don't we need to know?

So, we don't need another enquiry, they cost too much, we know what happened already do we? What's wrong Tony, worried you won't be able to set this one up as a whitewash like the last one? Whenever the subject of the 7th July attacks comes up, I go check a particular blog to see if the story is covered. It is, so, once again, while she doesn't speak for all the victims, she speaks for herself, and says it better than I can:
Every time I fight to get on a tube, or a bus, I know I and the people travelling with me are targets. It never gets any better. Each day a nail bomb doesn't explode, but then each day I think the probability counter re-sets, the likelihood increases. Bang, screams, death, maiming. Not today. Tomorrow?

We all have questions about 7th July, let them be answered independently, with dignity and clarity.
Enquiries are needed to get the facts and evidence into the open. What are you hiding Tony? What might an enquiry turn up you don't want us to know?

I demand a Public Enquiry. You should too.

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