Monday, December 26, 2005

Google referrals (redux)

I just had another look at the referral logs. Most of our Google and MSN hits are for stuff related to the blog and the topic. Most of them. They're normally pretty distinct one offs for various different things. But there's one that keeps cropping up, discussed here. It's a pretty popular google hit, and we're fairly highly ranked because of it, just because of the way I worded the title. I just went back and edited the post, in a fit of generosity, pointing people at Andrew Rilstone, because, well, he writes about that place a lot. Note I'm not naming it on this post.

Just goes to show that you can get page views for the weirdest off the cuff comments. Maybe I should move industries, become an SEO, I'm better at it than most pros I've had contact with. Ah well. G'night all.

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