Tuesday, December 13, 2005

AM's prison claim over ID cards

We have another decent convert to the cause, and this one is getting us some publicity. Leanne Wood AM has signed the current No2ID pledge:
A Plaid Cymru Assembly Member has said she is prepared to go to jail rather than carry the proposed new ID card.

Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood AM has signed up to a campaign in protest at the UK Government plans.
OK, most of use have known about this one for ages, but getting coverage of the anti campaign, especially when Home Office Ministers are this blinkered:
On November 17th 2005, Home Office Minister Andy Burnham appeared on the BBC's World at One radio programme to defend the government's ID card proposals. During the interview he said "I don't hear too many people questioning the principle of whether we should have an ID card scheme."
She's for Plaid, but I can deal with that, she, like many of us out here in the blogging world, has promised to go to jail if the damn things become compulsory. I keep telling people that not all politicians are unprincipled gits. Some of them aren't.

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