Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blogging elsewhere, life in the bay

By way of local boy Mr Worstall I find that, having not bothered witht he paper today, I've missed an article on blogging by his good self, in which, amongst other things, he links to local blogger David, not at all political, but, well, a good read, especially if you're local:
Bus driver

Not, you might think, the most enthralling of subjects, the things that happen on the No 12 bus from Newton Abbot to Brixham. Yet these little vignettes from the driver make fascinating reading as insights into someone else's daily life. He carries a camera as well and posts the occasional photos of what he passes on the daily rounds. It might be because I was born there but it's the via Torquay part of the route that makes it. He has a thing for photos of illegally parked coaches too. Who knew of the undeclared war between the two tribes?

This reminded me to both invite David to join the new blog and also note that following our most convivial meet in the pub, Chris from Strange_Stuff and I have set up a new, local news and events blog for the area, Torbaylife.blogspot.com. Only just really set it up, so not sure exactly what direction to take it, but it seems like a plan; it'll also give me a place to vent my spleen at the local Daily Mail owned paper, which I'm not a particular fan of. If there are any other local readers who may want to contribute the occasional piece, do let us know, matbowles [at] gmail [dot] com as usual.


Gareth said...

Blimey, Tim's almost omnipotent these days; the all-knowing male blogging deity, at least in the UK.

Where does he get the time?

MatGB said...

I'm thinking he checks referral logs and technorati links a lot, and I'm also wondering if he doesn't, in fact, need to work a 'real' job. He's a consultant or something similar.