Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Peter Hain - Terrorist?

This had never occured to me:
The convicted terrorist Peter Hain is annoyed that the Tories are opposing Labour's amnesty to some terrorists. We're entitled to opposition support," pouted Mr Hain, before stamping his little feet and threatening to take his ball home. Mr Hain wants to push through complete forgiveness for on-the-run bombers who did their dirty deeds before April 1998. They won't have to appear in court, they won't have to acknowledge their crimes. The Conservatives might wish to point to South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which offered an amnesty from prosecution to people who told the complete truth about their part in that country's civil war. But Mr Hain doesn't like to be reminded about South Africa, because he led the small group of renegades who stopped the South African cricket tour in 1970, and was convicted of various public order offences. Under the laws that his party has passed, this would be a terrorist act.
Wonder if anyone has pointed that out to him directly?


Peter Mc said...

Maybe he has given himself the status of a returning 'on the run' so he doesn't have to serve any time.

MatGB said...

I love it. Thank you, getting the comment notification for that one really cheered me up.