Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More on killing badgers

As a follow up from Paul's post about the proposed badger cull earlier, one of my local MPs has got some answers back from the govt, in the form of Paul's local MP, about the whole thing. Steen appears to want culling to continue, but as Paul argued the evidence doesn't point that was currently:
From the beginning of 2002 until the end of 2004, 1,876 badgers were cultured for bovine TB as part of the seven counties road traffic accident survey. 324 badgers were found to be positive.

Protected status does not prohibit the culling of badgers in appropriate circumstances, so its removal is not a consideration at this time.
Not sure where I stand on the issue, but it's good to know people are actually looking at the evidence.

Complete aside, all of this comes from the incredibly useful, and to see the three local MPs showing up in my feedreader of choice when they do something in Parliament is a great service. Many thanks to MySociety et al for doing the hard work.

Which reminds me; I personally use Livejournal as my feed aggregator, the benefits of a paid account means I can add as many feeds as I like to their sydication set up. If there are any non-paid LJ users reading this that would like feeds set up, as long as it's either a British Blog or of vague political interest, I'll be happy to do so; comment here with the feed address and your LJ username and/or email address, or mail me at the usual address. For those non-LJers wondering why I don't use a 'proper' feed reader, it's because I'm on a dial up connection, and feedreaders can be incredibly slow as they fetch feeds, LJ has already fetched them for me, and I can read the feed from any online PC anywhere in the world very easily.

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