Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Police reforms: give your views

It's not often I disagree with Nosemonkey, but I'll take issue with this statement:
This should technically just be for Londoners, as I am, although nowhere does it seem to say this. I'll leave it up to you provincials/non-Brits to decide for yourselves whether you should take part as well.
I've made my decision.
  1. I visit London regularly, it's the national capitol
  2. At some point I plan to move there, and have many friends already living there
  3. Where the Met leads, the rest of the country follows

The Met wants to know what sort of police service we should have. Go read his post, then fill out the form he links to. Tell them what you think. It's not just for Londoners, it's for everyone in the UK. We visit there, and our police will follow the lead of the Met if it's percieved to have worked.

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