Saturday, March 04, 2006

Millennium Dome, Elephant on Built to Last

Paul's summary made the Guardian, but I think they missed a much better review myself, The Very Fluffy Diary of Millennium Dome, Elephant: Day 1884: PS:
Mr Balloon said he was in favour of NICE things and against NASTY things.

He said he was in favour of saving the ENVIRONMENT because that was NICE

But he was against stopping people from making POLLUTION because that would be NASTY.

My head may be full of wool but this seems sensible to me. I don't know why Daddy is foaming at the mouth!

I have now looked up VACUOUS: Devoid of matter; empty – this is how balloons WORK isn't it!
I'm not quite sure I believe I'm adding a toy elephant to the blogroll, even if the owner isn't anonymous. Dave Cameron = Mr Balloon. Not quite sure yet myself, but then, every politician needs a suitable nickname, right?
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Alex Wilcock said...

Well, you've added a Womble...

It's always lovely to read kind words about the elephant, though I'm not his owner; that's definitely Richard. So, out of the two of us, without giving away who Millennium dictates his diary to, it's not me. I just live with them ;-)

If you go all the way back to Millennium's first post back on day 1880, Richard's hardly anonymous; there's more info on him there and in following posts than in most blog profiles. Just not necessarily the same sort of information.

Meanwhile, congratulations on taking the Lib Dem plunge. Although technically Millennium's not a member, it is quite a few years now since I convinced Richard to join up... We hope Mr Balloon catches on, too. Though only as a nickname.