Friday, March 10, 2006

Didn't see this one coming...

Honest. Congratulations Justin.

The proper column in a decent paper shouldn't be far off now for a few of the top end, right?
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Jonn Elledge said...

Isn't Tim Worstall already there?

MatGB said...

Didn't know he'd got a proper regular column, he's mostly doing freelance spots, right? If I've missed something, cool, but Tim's too good a publicist not to have mentioned it regularly if he had.

There's a small list of bloggers I'd like to see writing regular columns, Justin, NM and Tim would be 3 of them. They'd all do a better job than, for example, Polly.

Anyway, back to the office I go

Jonn Elledge said...

Ah, missed out the regular column part... Good point, well made.