Saturday, March 11, 2006

On Westminster Bridge — Falconer

Just got back in from a day trip to London, travelled with friends to see the Imperial War Museum; for some reason had never gone before despite it being both free and 5 minutes walk from where a friend lives.

Will definately go again. Didn't have any time to do stuff around town, except briefly go to Westminster and walk across the bridge — habit, have to walk across if I can when in London, mixture I guess of too much Wordsworth and a love of the buildings there.

Anyway, to a brief blog topic, I understand Charlie Falconer has made an arse of himself; unless anyone has proposed a better Google Bomb, I reckon that one would do. No demand?

Message for Mr Blair's best mate; every time you say there's no demand, when there palpably is, you strengthen their case and their argument by default.

Why don't you do your job as head of the Department of Constitutional Affairs and try to actually solve the West Lothian question? It exists, there's a lot of debate about how to solve it, some ideas are better than others, some have more popular appeal than others. The longer you leave trying to solve it, the worse the problem gets, and the more the justifiable resentment grows.

I, personally, think a Parliament for England is not a good solution to the problem. But to deny the problem exists? Foolish and blinkered. One of the highest paid ministers of the crown should not be foolish and blinkered. So why do I suspect that that is what Charlie is?

Do your job Lord Falconer. Call a Constitutional Convention and let us hammer out how we want to be governed south of the border.


Anonymous said...

To add insult to injury he is not even elected!

MatGB said...

Well, no. Lord Chancellor. One of the few offices of state that you can't have an elected official fill, sort of goes without saying.

Blair actually seemed to be making a democratic reform when he delcared the Chancellor's job would be split up and the speakership of the Lords would be split from the ministerial role. Any closer to happening yet?