Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another new layout...

Is it great or awful?

I've added feeds for both Liberty Central and my Journal to the left sidebar, in place of some of the more annoying ads, although the text ads keep strangely disappearing. I've also significantly improved the way the columns are laid out, so it should display better on smaller monitor resolutions and, more importantly, my mobile phone browser.

Not quite sure about the red backdrop, both the colour and the idea, but thought I'd try it, and I've switched the large logo for a smaller flag and some text; the Dragon will be back, as soon as I've figured out how transparency works for copy/paste in The GIMP.



Anonymous said...

I like the other layout!


Katy Newton said...

I like this one better.

Jules said...

In Internet Explorer when the width is lessened, the lefthand side bar overlaps with the centre.

MatGB said...


Hate hate hate internet explorer. I thought I'd checked it on resize in IE, have now glanced at work, you're right.

Probably beyond me to fix, so back to the drawing board :-(

PaulJ said...

I, um, really don't like it.

I don't particularly like the colour scheme, and the boxes at the top remind me of something from Jeff K. It just looks a bit... sloppy.

For example, not running fullscreen, the google bar sticks out of its box, so the black border isn't square. Against a dark background, it probably wouldn't matter, but it's really obviously here.

If it's getting redesigned anyway though, I guess none of this matters :-)

MatGB said...

Google bar? The ads or the search?

I'll be fixing the problem tomorrow, I hope. Back to black on black with grey text boxes, just better coded.