Thursday, March 23, 2006

Capita boss quits over Blair loan

BBC NEWS | Politics | Capita boss quits over Blair loan:
Mr Aldridge, who has run Capita since its foundation in 1984, said: "At present, the group's reputation is being questioned because of my personal decision to lend money to the Labour Party..."
Get that? The group's reputation is being questioned because of his decision to loan money to the Governing party.

No Aldridge, your company's reputation is being dragged through the dirt because >it's crap and feeds off government contracts. Nosemonkey has more starting here, then here, here and here.

Long term? Jonn Elledge:
both parties have an interest in the status quo, because it allows them to maintain nice big war chests and safe seats. The two-party system institutionalizes undemocratic and corrupt behaviour.

Voters don't share that interest. Neither do they have anything to gain from the current opaque party financing regime in Britain. If there is to be genuine pressure for reform, it has to come from the public - and the media.
I have a full copy of the Power report, their suggestion to allow us to nominate a party to receive a small amount of cash when we turn up to vote seems interesting, need to read it through properly.

Party finance reform is needed. However, all the discussion about where they get their money from, why not also look at what they spend it on and how it could be changed? They already need less money because of party political broadcasts, etc; individual candidates face campaign finance caps. Why not enforce national financial caps, and instead ensure more media coverage, etc?

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