Friday, March 31, 2006


Jonn Elledge on the mainstream media's middle class bias. As he is also a mainstream media journalist, glass houses?

Paulie on an idiotic LibDem, Red Ken and the Standards Board for England (again). Note to Mr Tuffrey. Term limits are neither Liberal nor Democratic; if you don't like an incumbent, campaign to get him out. If I do manage to move to London, no idea how I'd vote for the Mayoralty, Ken seems to be both great and awful at the same time. I doubt, however, that Mr Tuffrey will get a vote from me.

John Band is back. He stopped blogging just before I started, but I remember the discussion about why he had to, and the whole 'anonymity' thing. I'm glad I went with using my name openly, but it was a close call. Good to see you doing more than the occasional post at The Sharpener John, although that one is rather fine.

Oh, Boris on the House of Lords. He does go on a bit at times doesn't he? Interesting idea, not sure I like it, but all ideas are good as long as it's not "Tony choses them".

Also, welcome ContraTory to the blogroll; an example of the importance of going forth and commenting, most of the blogs I read regularly I've found through decent comments made by their authors elsewhere

Meh; by the time I finish that Israeli post they'll have had another election. Incidentally, anyone seen a decent write up of the Ukrainian results with an explanation as to voting system? I seem to be not finding one.


Jonn Elledge said...

Meh, I'm currently trade press rather than one of the nationals - but, for what it's worth, I'm aware I'm part of the problem rather than part of any solution that might or might not exist. I doubt enough important people are going to read that rant to put my career at risk...

lareinagal said...

Re ukranian elections, try this on European Tribune

Not as comprehensive as you'd like but the comments help.