Friday, March 03, 2006

Dentists, alcohol and Huhne's google ads

Two weeks back, I wrote a post at The Kitchen about my past history with dentists. Well, today was the first follow up visit, and depite it going very well, I'm still all over the place. Weird, I have no problems with most things, but having three fillings has messed my head up. So, no coherence from me tonight, I've had too much whiskey. I've got a bit on electoral systems, tactical voting, Duverger and third party squeeze on the way, summary is that "tactical voting" is a natural phenomena, a bye-product of the system, normal.

Huhne wordad screenshotMaybe, soon. But we're doing an office move over the weekend, been planning details all week, so I'm busy. In the meantime, can someone tell Huhne that he lost already, and the adwords campaign ought to be cancelled? I may have wanted him to win, but this is silly.

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Gord_82 said...

Heh, HOORAY FOR ALCOMOHOL. I am currently nursing a vodka and coke. I also have a problem with dentists - keep meaning to go to one but finding one in Portsmouth is like searching for water on the surface of the Sun. Nearest NHS I believe is actually in Sussex.