Monday, January 30, 2006

Here There Be Monsters

Missed this one when he first put it up, but it's not out of date, Tim Neale has an excellent post on fear, monsters, Blair and playground bullies:
As my life experience grew I began to put together a theory of people. I decided that those who try to rule by fear, the playground bullies, and pub thugs are often themselves ruled by fear. And if you cease to be afraid of them, like my childhood monsters they cease to be a problem... Tony Blair’s launch speech of his Respect Action Plan. “My view is very clear: their freedom to be safe from fear has to come first
Yup, I've been busy, Paul's posting more than me currently, I'll hopefully be back on steam tomorrow. Hopefully. But, as it's been at least a few days, and it's on topic to the post, why do we let this tired bully stay in office?
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edjog said...

I have to say, when i wrote this, yonks ago now it seems, i was prepared to be more forgiving of Blair. I was still after him to go, but with 'decorum' and thanks. Now, i want to see the nasty little betrayer in jail. Tired? He'll be a darnsite worse looking before this is over. No sleep for the wicked.

Martin Keegan said...

Mat, if you're interested in how Fear drives things and haven't read Francis Cornford's masterpiece pamphlet, Microcosmographia Academica, do go out and download it.

MatGB said...

*insert random pointless comment to test a function here*