Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hughes: Who cares who he sleeps with?

Oh look, Simon's outed himself. Anyone care? OK, maybe the misleading interview he gave saying he "wasn't gay" (true) was a little badly thought through, but as pointed out in the comments on Jonny's Blog, he didn't actually lie. He's bisexual. So what?

I've a fair number of bi friends, including an ex I'm still fairly close to. I've never understood the "you're either gay or straight, make your mind up" idea, strikes me as utterly stupid. I've never been attracted to a bloke, but the idea that I definately never will be is to say I'll never ever change. People are people; surely if we're going to accept that people can do a job regardless of gender, we can accept that some people don't discriminate in other areas either?

Another non-news story dominating the MSM. Apparently the whale in the Thames was a huge issue as well. Iran's going to start trading oil in Euros, not a squeek from anyone. Some bloke says he's bi, headline news all over the place. I don't care who he sleeps with. I just think he'd make a crap leader; I thought that when he stood, hasn't changed me on that one.

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Toque said...

"Hughes: Who cares who he sleeps with?"

I'd imagine that he does. Just because he is gay it doesn't necessarily mean that he's not discerning.

MatGB said...

Oh, well, yes, I suppose. We're assuming of course that he is discerning.

Katy Newton said...

I answered your comment on DK's post about this. I suddenly realised my original comment might be construed as homophobic, which was definitely not what I intended!

Tim said...

I think it's more the whole homophobic Bermondsey election against Tatchell, 'Vote Hughes, the straight choice for Bermondsey' etc thats got peoples' backs up