Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nosemonkey: the EU is mind-numbing

The guy that got me blogging has a spot on comment as part of a post on Brussels, PR and EU politics:
Seriously - the EU is mind-numbing. Why else do you think that 90% of this blog's content is now on other stuff, despite being set up to be EU-centred? You want the EU to be reported, you need to spice it up a little - stop obsessing over petty legislation and pointless regulation and give us some genuine excitement.
He's right. I want to write about Europe, put the case, answer the criticisms, propose reforms. Every time I think about it, I get bored and decide to shout at Blair instead. When I want to go off and research things like the constitution and what it reformed/changed, I get distracted by shiny things (seriously, Firefly barbies? WTF?). Blog was supposed to be about equal coverage of 4 things; Europe, Civil Liberties, Constitutional Reform (including "The England Question" but mostly general updating and requirements) and events/party-politics. It has, of course, mostly been events and civil liberties; thanks to Paul (again) for remembering the topic and keeping writing stuff. Not really a problem, but, well, I'll try harder at covering the other stuff more.

Enjoying blogging (when there's time), and spending more time reading blogs than I do reading the paper and the magazines. Blog post like Justin's here or the ongoing debate between DK and Robert Sharp / Intifada Kid here, here and here are excellent reasons to continue blogging (and promoting blogs in general). Just, well, busy. However, if anyone wants to know what I look like, I set up another blog last night, mostly for my friends to write, all about playing toy soldiers and silly games. They insisted we put up a picture. I'm the young looking one sat down. That's mostly because compared to those old farts, I am young. Still, might as well use the domain name I've owned for 2 years, right?

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Katherine said...

What a pretty lot you are. I echo your sentiments on Firefly Barbies, but sadly my first reaction was "want one", and I hate Barbie.

Aunty Marianne said...

Oi. I work for the EU, and today I spent taxpayers' (yours) funds on twelve million condoms for an unnamed country with high HIV rates. (That's nowhere near enough condoms, either). I have bought more condoms than anyone else I know. Don't get me started on wooden penises, those condoms for the demonstration of.

Mind-numbing? I think not.