Monday, January 02, 2006

Enquiry redux - The conspiracists

What a way to start the year. Rachel been looking at some conspiracy theorist sites, and has attracted some of them to her comments box. One of them seems a little more detached from reality than some:
Rachel, you seem content with what the public has been told were the events on that day. That is your choice.
I for one have seen nothing as yet to convince me that what we are being told happened is actually what did happen. That is my choice.
So, Rachel's very public, ongoing and committed call for a full public enquiry doesn't exist then? She's "content"?

Of course, even with an enquiry, there will be some who don't accept the results; to be 100% honest, after the Hutton/BBC whitewash I'm not sure I'd fully trust an enquiry appointed by NuLab, but if we get an enquiry, at least we have a verifiable set of answers to the questions of some of the lunatic fringe. I agreed with her before, I agree with her now. To question the details of what happened is one thing. To attempt to deny the bombings themselves took place? Can we have an enquiry Mr Clarke? It may help us deal with the loons as well.


Rachel said...


thanks for that, aren't they titresome? There was a point to all this, however, which was that I realised The Antagonist and people of his ilk were getting on the bandwagon of the public enquiry thing and I just can't afford my and others sane and sensible requests for 7/7 info to be lumped in with the lunatic fringe insisting there is a Global Elite conspiracy everywhere you look.

Baby, bathwater.

So I decided to lure the loons out into the open on my blog and publicly distance myself from them, and have a good shout at them as well, which made me feel better with a New year hangover.

They may love the attention in the short term, but the greater good is served by the fact that many people are now pointing and laughing at them, and the very people they claim to speak for
the survivors, the huddled masses of the general public apparently yearning 'to be free' - are telling them to sod off in no uncertain terms and denouncing them as liars and fantasists.

The latest is that no-one was killed or injured on the bus - it was all stuntmen! And pyrotechnics!

Offensive crap, and I am not going to be associated with these idiots.

Hopefully after exposing their drivel a little,and showing how I/we find it abhorrent, the demands for a public enquiry from reasonable people cannot be so easily shrugged off as the ravings of paranoid and damaged people.

Happy New year, and here's to peace and sanity prevailing.

chris said...

If there ever is a public enquiry then some of the other nasties that New Labour put in place after so nearly ending up in trouble thanks to Lord Hutton will come into play. Such as ministers being able to shut down any public enquiry they want for whatever reason they want. Such as it not producing the correct answers.

MatGB said...

@ Rachel; I was hoping that was why you were doing it, it was either deliberately drawing them out or doing it not realising what you'd be getting into. But yes, the annoyance that is the average it's all linked together global plot is annoying. And it really annoys when, somewhere within the paranoia, there may be an actual point. It gets lost or obfuscated. Hopefully we can keep the push sane and we might get somewhere.

Unfortunately, I suspect Chris may be right, we'll need a change of Govt before we can get anything honest. Which is just so wrong.