Tuesday, January 10, 2006

English Icons - this blogger is confused

Ok, it seems that half the blogosphere, and at least two serious papers (Torygraph and Indy) are talking about the "new" website launched by the Dept of Culture (at a rather large cost from what I can tell considering, DK agrees) Icons of England.

From the bumpph, it's a lighthearted attempt to promote symbols of England. OK. It's new. Um, no. Y'see, I linked to an 'icon' nominated by a friend of a friend. He emailed me about it and asked me to vote for it (go on, what could be more English than Winnie The Pooh Illustrations by E H Shepard?). According to Gmail, I got the email [Date: 05-Oct-2005 21:48].

New? No. Relaunch, formal launch, slow news day, distraction? Maybe.

Of course, that our friendly Devil could probably have done the job for a 3rd of the cost and a healthy profit is irrelevent, right?


wonkotsane said...

All is not as it seems with that site.


Devil's Kitchen said...

A third of the cost? More like a tenth of the cost (plus expenses)...