Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Radio 4 theme; sometimes MPs get it right...

"We've no idea what the head of Radio 4's playing at - we're thinking of using it every night,"
Don't watch TV, but hope they do. Heard it for the first time just before Xmas, insomnia kicked in. Immediately set around trying to get a copy , it's great. Mitchell:
"I find it a very uplifting and interesting theme - it makes you feel good about life and the country."
Damn right it does.

Cancelling Home Truths I could handle, it's just not the same without Peel. But dumping the theme? Piss of.
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snooo said...

That's funny. It usually makes me wonder less about England and why I have had such a bad night's sleep that I can hear the beginning of Radio 4.

snooo said...

and why = and more about why...


MatGB said...

Only time I've heard it broadcast was when I've not slept, which given I haven't been out more than twice in the last 3 months due to lack of finances should tell you something about the insomnia.