Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Top liberal blog pieces from December 2005.

It appears that I blog like a liberal. Strange that, wonder why?:
Here is the December list of top blog posts from Lib Dems and people who blog like liberals.
Some good stuff on that round up, and that's just from dipping in. I especially like the 5th entry, sheer genius that one... /ego massage

On the subject of weird google referals, how about Hegemonic tendencies? OK, I know blogs have a tendency to get good pagerank, but, um, I'm beating Harvard?

Oh, and on the grounds it just deserves to be linked to and read, Life under New Labour at Strange Stuff.

Last up, the tagsearch thing I'm messing around with seems to be working out, now all I've got to do is go back through the archive, add tags to all the posts, and ping technorati lots. Hmmm. Maybe. Still, better than nothing, and, well, mostly all my own work. I is smart, me.

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