Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Spread the word

Don't you think Blair looks tired?

This Dr Who based meme brought to you by a fatigued blogger suffering from writers block again...

Update: Originally, this post had no link, it was just a joke. But now, well, I've expanded on it, follow the link for reasons why we want Blair out of office before the end of 2006.


Toque said...

He looks knackered, he should put his feet up and let Gordon Brown finish the job of stripping us of our civil liberties and buggering up the UK constitution (to be preserved in aspic as a written constitution if GB has his way).

MatGB said...

See, in theory, I'm in favour of consolidating the constitution into a document thatcan be referred to.

Do you, for example, know what the powers of the Queen actually are? I know better than 90% of the population, and I'm not sure of all the details.

Unfortunately, I don't trust NuLab to get it right at all. OTOH, if we get rid of Blair early, Brown's got more opportunity to mess things up.

And I've no doubt he will. Alternately, he might turn out to be a more liberal leader, and my complete hatred of all things NuLab may need to be reconsidered. Pigs may also fly, and Satan may need to buy some de-icer, but y'never know.

Paulie said...

1. You've been tagged Mat - here:


2. I love your 'hemlock' quote on my blog. Can I delete it and pretend it was mine all along?