Friday, June 30, 2006

Safe seats? Blaenau Gwent lost, Bromley recount

What's the point of being a candidate for one of the big two parties in their safest seats? You only ever lose them. Bromley has gone to recount, I was going to stay up, but I'll await the morning news.

To get close is impressive, to take it to recount? Looks like Labour lose their deposit there as well. Blair's odds of lasting the year out look slimmer. And if Bromley is as close as reported then I wouldn't want to be Dave in the morning. Shot in the arm for Ming though.

On the "we're screwed" thing, it's looking like the only chance we've got is an incredibly strong Lib Dem performance next few years. Damnit, I hate being partizan! Dave's crap, Labour is falling to peices, Ming's our best hope. We really are screwed.

G'night all...


Neill wins Bromley for the Tories, with a majority of just 646. From what I've seen of the campaigning there though, I agree with James, not the sort of politics I like to see, anywhere, from any party.
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