Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Decline in "traditional family values"? Blame the "normals"

Bookdrunk has been reading some official statistics:
Those who choose the religious practice of marriage are in a clear minority, even though discussion of marriage in the media is dominated by Christian ideals.
People aren't getting married, and when they do, they're not getting married in religious ceremonies. People are increasingly living in single households (sound familiar? does to me) or with their parents. I particularly liked this comment:
I also enjoy how marriage can be both the natural bedrock of culture throughout time and still fragile enough to be destroyed by the occasional lesbian wedding.
Go read, it's worth it
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Anonymous said...

good link, bookdrunk makes some very good comments, especially that last one.  

Posted by helz

Anonymous said...

Bookdrunk is always worth a read, one of the first feeds I subscribed to. Writes about very different stuff to me, mostly, but does it very well.

That's weird; server logs say you got here via Bloggerheads, someone else got here today via an Exeter search. Cool anyway, although my sympathies on Duryard living... 

Posted by MatGB