Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cameron's rights plan: another badly spun mess?

  1. Get elected leader of Conservative party
  2. Appoint a respected elder statesman to lead an enquiry into renewing British democracy and the constitutional settlement
  3. Make a speech proposing a significant constitutional reform
  4. Completely forget to even mention it to said elder statesman and thus undermine his whole efforts.
Well done Dave. You impress me less and less every day.
Mr Clarke said the Tory leader would find it difficult to find lawyers who would agree with his plan to replace the Human Rights Act with the new Bill.

Despite heading a Tory task force on constitutional issues, Mr Clarke said he was not forewarned about the plans.
Not the best of plans methinks. In fact, given that the speech itself was completely half baked, I'm given to drawing the conclusion that he didn't think this one through very well at all.
Mr Clarke said: "In these home affairs things I think occasionally it's the duty of politicians on both sides to turn round to the tabloids and right-wing newspapers and say 'you have your facts wrong and you're whipping up facts which are inaccurate'."
Said they should have elected him leader. We're screwed, arent' we? To get rid of Blair's New Labour, we need to get people to vote Tory. How can we do that when Dave just hasn't got a clue and plays to the gallery?

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