Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lib Dems and the Internet (again)

The times, they are a changin'. Awhileback, I reviewed the campaign sites for the LibDem leadership contenders. Like in the election itself, Ming Campbell won. Well, he's taking that impetus further. Two specific areas. Firstly, he's been interviewed by some prominent Lib Dem bloggers, each of whom has written up their meeting with him in a different style. Secondly? He's gone and got himself a proper blog:
We will utilise the unlimited potential of the internet: two thirds of Britons have the internet but only 60% of them vote. We will build up a supporters’ network from the millions who vote for us. They will be consulted on policy, brought into campaigns and asked to contribute their ideas. We will connect our Party directly with those who vote for us.
Powered via Wordpress, it is, like Boris' site, a collection of his speeches, articles, etc combined with news releases and events. It's allowing comments, and trackbacks. He's not running it himself (appears that Martin and Will are involved in some way; guys?), but it's showing a genuine commitment to engage with the voters directly using modern technology. The main party website has had a bit of a revamp and more is promised, and the supporters network idea looks interesting (nothing from it yet, but it's early days).

Of course, opposition parties have a much greater incentive to improve their competiveness and communication abilities, the Conservative website looks very good these days, and I'm sincerely hoping that Liberal Review can do a similar (no, better) job than Conservative Home.

Really must get around to finishing off my usability articles for political sites. Maybe after the summer is done. Of course, given the way Labour is lagging behind on this (a World Cup blog by Campbell? Please...), healthy opposition engagement, regardless of party, is a good thing. May the best ideas win...

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Anonymous said...

Not me, guv'nor. Martin's the mastermind. 

Posted by Will