Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Monarchy -reform or replace?

At The Sharpener, Andrew has an interesting idea as to what could replace the Monarch as ceremonial head of state. This follow on from an excellent discussion at Robert Sharp's a few weeks back, but rather than rehash my old posts, might as well simply link to them. Why I converted from Republicanism to constititutional monarchism, and why we need a constitutional convention to sort this, and all the other messes, out.

Why is it all the interesting stuff happens when I've been busy?


Anonymous said...

I like the 'Goooooogle' ad. that this post has brought up; "Monarchy Clothing".

Get yer robes of state here. Crowns, two fer one. Cheap at twice the price.

I'll try to add something sensible to the discussion soon. 

Posted by Andrew Bartlett

Anonymous said...

Ah, see, the problem with the ads is they seem to vary by user as well. All I can see are the normal Kaplan course junk and the Croydon Labour Party ads.

Gotta love local parties running adword campaigns, wotta waste of funds. 

Posted by MatGB