Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Open letter to John Reid re Rachel North


From the comments, mission succesful; although whether we had any influence I don't know. Regardless, excellent news.

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At Justin's suggestion, I have just sent the following email to John Reid, Home Secretary:
Dr Reid,

I know that you've met the author of the Rachel in North London website, a victim of the July bombings and organiser of Kings Cross United. You may or not be aware that her passport was either lost or stolen at the memorial commemoration, and she is due to be leaving the country at the end of this week.

If you are able to use any influence whatsoever in your position, given her status, a large number of people around the country would very much appreciate it; I'm sure that I will personally still disagree with you politically, but it would certainly up my respect for you personally.

Best regards, Mat

(full name, full address, full contact details as per formal letter)
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A few minutes of your time. A much needed break saved. Special treatment? Who cares, she's gone through enough.


Anonymous said...


I have got a passport! Never gain will I refer to Peterborough as 'a bit rubbish' because it contains angels! With functioning computers and big hearts and after monstrous amounts of waiting \I GOT A REPLACEMENT!

Clearly I am going to buy the biggest round ever when I return



Posted by Rach

Anonymous said...

Looks like the book made her more than a few quid. It also means she gets preferrencial treatment over mere mortals. If I were her, I would have thought that being offered a job on the times on the strenght of being a survivor would be enought financial gain from this tragedy. I would have given the profits from the book away to charity.