Thursday, July 06, 2006

Prescott, Anschutz, the Dome and a Casino Licence

Ministry of Truth - Follow the Money:
What is is about is a government that has a direct pecuniary (i.e. financial) interest in seeing AEG get the super casino licence, and one compounded even further by the fact that it is the same department (Culture, Media and Sport) that made the deal with AEG for the use of the Dome, that will now issue the licence for the super casino.
The BBC has all the facts, covered it on Newsnight, but didn't make the link. Dave had already done so, and has now written it up.

What was Prescott doing there? Why? What's the Govt role in visiting rich, evangelical, science denying American businessmen?

Also, Blognor Regis: Dome pays its way at last...

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