Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bin Laden for Bush?

Chris covers the story that Bin Laden's famous videotape intervention in the 2004 Presidential Election may have been aimed at getting Bush to win:
This does have a kind of logic to it, after all as a global revolutionary leader why wouldn't you want your most powerful opponent to be run by a guy that would lose a general knowledge contest with an Aubergine.
To be honest, I'm quite surprised it took the CIA that long to figure it out, seemed obvious to me. Ah well.
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Anonymous said...

Two election results changed by Bin Laden et al.... Any more? 

Posted by Gavin Ayling

Anonymous said...

Assume Spain? Actually don't think the bombing itself affected the result that much (friend/online contact is a Spanish PolSci major in Barcelona, he ran an analysis). It was the Spanish Govt's reaction that changed the result "It was ETA, it was ETA, it has nothing to do with Iraq, please vote for us to fight them..."

Dishonest, cowardly obfuscation. Ah well. 

Posted by MatGB