Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Prescott: Abuse of priviledge, junkets and 'charity'?

Mr Eugenides:
Just to recap: a minister whose department is in charge of planning applications for casinos receives free hospitality from a tycoon bidding to build a supercasino. Minister stays night in tycoon's ranch with "a small number of civil servants" (including diary secretary?) and makes charity donation to cover hospitality. Donation paid for out of public purse.

The abridged version: Prescott spends night on Colorado ranch relaxing/sipping martinis/banging his mistress, and gets you to pay for it.

Guido has more (including the news, revealed by Iain Dale, that the Daily Mail may be planning to run a story revealing alleging that DPM was having an affair with an unnamed Labour MP. Needless to say this story is not true and no-one should imagine otherwise, certainly not R**** W********'s lawyers).

The debasement of ethical standards in public life is almost complete.
I said before that it was a smokescreen and I didn't care who he slept with. I suspect the rumours to be true, it piques my interest in a salacious way, but ultimately, I care not. But the idea that he's off on junkets to ranches owned by people bidding for contracts he has power to grant?

"Honest" John really ought to go now. On his own, or with the tired man.


Anonymous said...

Once again, one resignation needed (John for being corrupt), and one pair of glasses (for mystery MP for getting into bed with that ). 

Posted by chris

Anonymous said...

It's (apparently) a good route for promotion.

In, of course, completely unrelated news, Rosie Winterton MP was recently appointed to the Privy Council and is now a Rt. Hon. 

Posted by MatGB